A Paradise of relics where you can find a little bit of everything when it comes to old and used objects, the traditional antiques fair takes place at ​​Praça XV since 1970. Initially, most of the merchants were under the extinct Perimetral viaduct. Since the demolition, all the 700 exhibitors have settled in the middle of the square, with their most varied and unusual pieces.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest antique granaries in Brazil. The Portuguese Royal Family arrival in 1808 also brought the Court and all these families’ personal objects that have spread through the generations. Objects of affective value, such as a particular vinyl, a special edition of a comic book, a toy or an old photograph, among many other pieces so equally valuable to some, are easily found in this traditional fair, a great option for Saturdays.

The Fair happens every Saturday from 6am to 2pm. Praça XV is approximately a 12-minute walk from the Belga Hotel.